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Tocci Calligraphy


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A detailed closeup view of my absolute favorite peony the ‘Festiva Maxima’ which is a particular pure-white peony that has a few fascinating small crimson petals specking in the middle of its bloom.

I painted this 12”x16” watercolor over the course of four months making sure every single white (plus a few crimson) petals were shaded exactly how I envisioned and wanted it to look. And if you haven’t heard me complain about how hard it is to paint any shade of white, ivory, etc. with watercolor paint I am telling you it is one of the biggest challenges for any watercolor artist. With this giant challenge of painting mostly in white shades came great reward and I have to say this is officially my favorite painting I have completed in 2021!

Peonies are my favorite flower because of how beautifully complex their shading can be in-between their thousands of layers of petals. Their petals are all packed so tightly in the center of the flower and as each petal reaches the outside it begins to loosen and completely unfold itself right before it falls. My personal favorite peony, the ‘Festiva Maxima’ peony is a pure-white flower with fascinating crimson specks in the middle of its bloom making this one of the most stunning peonies.

*This is my only painting of the original and comes signed/dated on the front and back with the 1/1 marking.